HyperPay Weekly Report(08/03/2021-14/03/2021)
15 Mar 2021

HyperPay Weekly Report(08/03/2021-14/03/2021)


1. Products

  • Rise-or-fall daily guess of Android version is launched
  • Unifying message center is under development
  • Invitation&referral optimization is under development
  • Overall optimization of PoS Staking is under development
  • Overall optimization of BitEarn is to be developed
  • Small amount currency exchange function is to be developed
  • Overall optimization of the wealth module is to be developed
  • HPY supporting to be deducted for transfer fees is sorting demand
  • HyperCard supporting problem feedback is sorting demand
  • HyperMate details optimization is completed
  • DApp supporting customizing URL is being tested
  • On-chain transaction news push is under development
  • Message center revision is under development
  • OkexChain DApp supported is under development

2. Operations

  • HyperPay launched v4.0.19, which fully supports OKExChain mainnet and testnet
HyperPay Wallet has launched the latest version (v4.0.19), which supports OKExChain testnet DApp. Users can create OKT wallets in on-chain wallets to experience OKExChain testnet DApps.
  • HyperPay on-chain wallet launched URL customization function
The latest version of HyperPay v4.0.19 supports entering a URL to access DApps. Users can access and use DApps by entering the DApp URL at the top of the DApp tab.

3. Market


  • HyperPay and OKExChain reached a strategic partnership
HyperPay on-chain wallet now supports OKExChain mainnet and testnet, and created the OKT DApps area. HyperPay wallet will fully support the construction and development of OKExChain, and jointly create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem that empowers each other.
Safe deposit, OKExChain beta entrance, and DApps, all in HyperPay!
  • HyperPay&MIMOSA jointly launched the Chinese New Year red packet activity, which ended successfully!
HyperPay and MIMOSA launched the "New Year Gifts" event successfully concluded on March 7. More than 10,000 users participated in the event. The official is currently reviewing the valid information submitted by users, and airdrop rewards will be randomly distributed. (Note: 5% will be destroyed when arriving)

4. Operation Data

  • Countries that users belong to: 150+
  • Cumulative registered users: 1,100,000+
  • Users benefited from investment: 360,000+
  • The most popular investment currency: USDT
  • The most popular Investment product: DeFi Staking
  • Currencies of PoS minging pool: 11
  • Currencies support instant exchange: 28
  • Off-chain public-chain support: 48
  • On-chain public-chain support: 25
  • HyperMate public-chain support: 10
  • Digital assets stored: $1,000,000,000+



About HyperPay

HyperPay is the world's first four-in-one digital asset wallet, innovatively integrating off-chain wallet, on-chain wallet, shared wallet, and hardware wallet. In the spirit of“Security, Our Fist Concern. Enhancement, the Firm Destination”, HyperPay is committed to integrating the personal finance field and the mainstream third-party platform payment field, and building a convenient and secure one-stop service platform for digital assets through continuous technological innovations, providing digital currency users and enterprises with financial services such as asset custody, wealth management, and consumer payment. It uses a digital wallet to solve all the problems related to digital cryptocurrency. HyperPay has more than 1 million users, more than $1 billion in asset management, and more than 310 million transfers.

HyperPay off-chain wallet supports 44+ mainnet coins and 157+ mainstream coins. It also has rich functions such as wealth management, currency/fiat transactions, instant exchange, mortgage loan, market tracking, and multi-signature co-management. HyperPay on-chain wallet supports 18+ mainnet coins such as BTC/ETH/EOS/USDT/LTC/BCH/BNB/XRP/HC/TRX/QTUM/DCR/CKB/XLM/BSV/ATOM/FIL/DOT. HyperPay hardware wallet HyperMate supports mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, EOS, HC, BCH, LTC, QTUM, XRP, USDT, XRP, DASH, and supports multi-signature functions of BTC, ETH, ERC20, HC, BCH, and LTC.

HyperPay always puts the safety of user assets in the first place. It provides the highest level of security protection mechanism, adopts cold and hot wallet separation storage solution, 80% of funds stored offline, implements security experts monitoring abnormalities 24 hours, and uses hardware multi-signature deposits and withdrawals mechanisms, seven-layer security protection strategy, two-factor authentication, biometric verification and two-step authorization mechanisms to ensure the safety of user assets in all aspects.


Contact Us

Website: https://www.hyperpay.tech

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hyperpay_tech

Weibo: https://www.weibo.com/u/6358820994

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hyperpayofficial/

Telegram: https://t.me/HyperPay_En

Medium: https://medium.com/@hyperpay.info

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